Who We Are

New Energy Equity sources financing from private, public and institutional investors with established long-term, successful relationships. As an end-to-end project team with experience handling all aspects of the development process, New Energy Equity works with the most reputable solar construction companies to complete engineering, permitting, construction and commissioning of solar transactions. New Energy Equity is well positioned to guarantee a successful and beneficial transaction for all parties involved.

The renewable energy market is new and has experienced tremendous growth in the last few years. The shape and skills within the best companies in the industry are still being defined, providing an opportunity to imagine and create the best set of professional experience. New Energy Equity was formed through a partnership of entrepreneurial professionals from several different industries.  The particular blend of skills that compose New Energy Equity provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace. For a summary of our top ten competitive advantages, please see below:

  • Low cost of capital – access to a variety of financial resources
    drives a lower cost of capital;
  • Competitive pricing – our low cost of capital and efficient
    transaction processes means we offer the most competitive EPC take-out
    financing prices
  • Solar incentive expertise – our experience in nearly every U.S.
    state allows us to optimize state and federal incentives while protecting
    parties from unseen risks to get the best return from the transaction
  • Financial transaction expertise – our background in investment
    banking provides expertise in financial engineering, due diligence, and
    transaction execution
  • Flexible credit screening – our diverse investor base allows for
    more flexibility on credit requirements for PPA customers
  • Support for underserved markets – we target projects in the
    underserved solar commercial sector from 200kW to 5MW
  • Technical capability and experience – our engineers optimize
    system design for greatest solar production, high reliability, and the most
    aggressive economics for our partners and host customers
  • Extensive internal transaction resources – our in-house legal and
    financing team provides fast, responsive, and efficient transaction processes
    keeping transaction costs low and project completion rates high
  • Flexible equipment selection – we support a technology agnostic
    approach to the project as long as the system components are from tier 1
  • The personal approach – our “easy button” mentality allows us to
    move quickly and provide immediate feed-back on the project’s viability as
    well as provide personal support throughout the entire transaction process.

To better understand who we are, please take a look at the diverse list of personnel experience below:

  • Solar energy finance
  • Solar energy construction
  • Project engineering and planning
  • Legal, contract, and transaction management
  • Construction
  • Financial planning services
  • Financial controls, tax planning, financial reporting
  • Program management
  • International trade
  • U.S. Government bidding and contract management
  • Technology product development and management
  • Telecom operations and management