New Energy Equity Participates in Massachusetts SREC II Program


New Energy Equity LLC announced today that the company will enter into twenty year Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) based on the new Massachusetts SREC II program. The prior Massachusetts SREC I program was highly successful, and since the announcement of the new program, there has been uncertainty in the solar energy industry due to lack of program details and final pricing schedules. Those final details are due to be announced in late April. Regardless, New Energy Equity is offering financing, transaction execution and commissioning for projects that monetize SREC IIs, and break the way for the completion of pending projects in Massachusetts.

Interested developers, project owners, hosts, and construction companies (EPCs) should contact the Company at for further information and financing options.


New Energy Equity specialized in the financing and development of commercial and small utility renewable energy projects. The company focuses on transactions within the United States ranging from 500kW to 10MW. New Energy Equity works with investors, both public and private, to provide dependable financing resources for the development and completion of end-to-end renewable energy transactions.

New Energy has the resources, expertise and experience to handle all aspects of development, construction and long-term asset management. The company brings together more than 50 years of experience developing projects in the solar, telecom, corporate finance and construction industries.

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