The City of Ogdensburg New York Turns to Solar to Cut Electricity Expenses


Annapolis, MD – The City of Ogdensburg, New Energy Equity, and RER Energy Group to start construction on a 1.1 megawatt solar project in April 2015.

Ogdensburg, New York: The City of Ogdensburg recently signed an agreement with New Energy Equity and RER Energy Group to construct a solar project on city-owned land. The installation will reside at 1200 Champlain Street atop a former landfill and will reduce expected energy costs by more than two million dollars over the next 25 years. The 1.1 megawatt solar project will span approximately eight acres of land producing more than 1,400,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. The project will produce enough energy to power approximately one-third of the municipal facilities’ electrical needs. “The City of Ogdensburg is proud to be at the forefront of New York municipalities using renewable electricity as a means to create savings and predictable energy costs”, said John Pinkerton, City Manager. “Our public-private partnership with New Energy Equity and RER Energy Group provides an innovative way to repurpose land that would not have any other use for the City, and turn it into a renewable energy project that will provide electricity savings for generations to come and reduce our carbon footprint.”

The City of Ogdensburg project was made possible by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s one billion dollar NY-Sun initiative, created to advance the solar industry and expand renewable energy projects in the State of New York. New Energy Equity and RER Energy Group co-developed the project for the City. The project will be financed through a long-term power purchase agreement that the City signed with New Energy Equity. “This solar project is a prime example of how environmental responsibility and significant financial benefit from electricity savings can be achieved together and provide tremendous benefit to an innovative municipality, like our partners at The City of Ogdensburg”, said Ian Palmer CEO, New Energy Equity. "This project represents another example of how our innovative approach to financing renewable energy projects makes solar power a viable, affordable option for municipalities in New York and throughout the country."

RER Energy Group will begin project construction as early as April of 2015. “We commend The City of Ogdensburg for taking this step to support renewable energy. Through this project they are setting a great example for other New York state municipalities to utilize solar power,” said Jim Kurtz President, RER Energy Group, “The RER team is excited to work with our partners at The City of Ogdensburg and New Energy Equity to make the project a reality. This initiative is a positive example of environmental responsibility that also provides significant financial savings for the City.” 


About The City of Ogdensburg: The City of Ogdensburg, New York, is located in northern St. Lawrence County along the southern shore of the beautiful St. Lawrence River, directly across from the Canadian towns of Prescott and Brockville, Ontario. The Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge conveniently connects the two countries. The City encompasses an area of approximately 8.18 square miles and has a diverse population of 12,364 according to the 2000 Census. For more information please visit The City of Ogdensburg website at

About New Energy Equity: New Energy Equity specializes in the financing and development of commercial and small utility renewable energy projects. The company focuses on transactions within the United States ranging from 200kW to 5MW. New Energy Equity works with investors, both public and private, to provide dependable financing resources for the development and completion of end-to-end renewable energy transactions. New Energy has the resources, expertise and experience to handle all aspects of development, construction and long-term asset management. The company brings together more than 50 years of experience developing projects in the solar, telecom, corporate finance and construction industries. For more information please visit New Energy Equity’s website at

About RER Energy Group: RER Energy Group is an industry leader in providing cost-effective, high quality solar systems throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. The company’s team has developed over 20 megawatts of solar energy systems and obtained over $22 million of grant for commercial, industrial, agricultural, municipal and non-profit customers. For more information, visit RER Energy Group’s website at