Mission & Values


At New Energy Equity, we aren’t just building solar projects. We are led by a core purpose that drives us to innovate and develop with a standard of excellence, as we increase access to clean energy for as many people as possible. Clean energy is paving the way to our future, and we are deeply committed to driving the innovation to change the way the world harnesses and consumes energy.


We're all in

We value our customers, clients, employees, and partners, and their commitment to us. We will devote all of our efforts to completing excellent projects, treating them like our own, and undertaking each task, large or small, with rigor, diligence, and a tireless work ethic.

No matter the circumstances, we make sure the job gets done right.

Top of our game

We will drive innovation and success in our industry.

We may not always have all the answers, but we will forge forward until we find them. We’ll make hard calls, find solutions, and meet obstacles head on. We will build winning partnerships through integrity, ingenuity, and persistence.


Lift As We Climb

Our team drives our success.

We will positively impact people and the planet, celebrate our successes together, and value our families and the sacrifices that they make to help us all succeed.

Learn more about New Energy’s Lift as We Climb Foundation, a 5013c charitable organization created to support non-profits dedicated to leaving behind a better world within their community, through projects, education, and action related to the evolution of clean energy.