New Energy Equity Has Made Solar Power World's 2021 List of Top Solar Contractors

ANNAPOTop Solar Contractor 2021LIS, MD, July 20, 2021- New Energy Equity, a developer and financier of community and commercial solar projects throughout the United States, has been announced as the 7th Top Solar Developer and the 8th Top Commercial Contractor on Solar Power World’s List of Top Solar Contractors of 2021. Since its founding, New Energy Equity has developed over 223,690.0 kW of solar in the Commercial and Industrial sector, with the installation of 65,246.9 kW in 2020 alone.

New Energy Equity has experienced tremendous growth, completing installations that are utilizing over 750,000 solar panels across more than 20 states, enough to power over 43,000 homes’ electricity use for 1 year, delivering the benefits of solar electricity to thousands of customers throughout the United States. New Energy Equity continues to revolutionize solar markets such as Maryland, New York, Minnesota, Illinois, and others.

New Energy Equity was awarded the following state-based rankings:

Top Solar Developer Rankings:

Top Solar Contractor Rankings:

Thank you, Solar Power World for this recognition, and congratulations to all who made the 2021 Top Solar Contractors list! Together, we will continue to advance the solar industry.